Physical Therapy is a profession which adopts various  physical approaches in the prevention,  treatment and education of individuals with or without health problems pertaining to function of musculo functional system including cardio pulmonary aspects.

The department of physiotherapy provides physiotherapy services to both outpatient and inpatient and also has state of the art fitness centre.

Outpatient Department:

Patients with various musculo-skeletal, degenerative problem, stroke, Obesity and several other conditions who need physiotherapy are attended daily.

The services include

 1Massage 1Manual Therapy 1Exercise Therapy 1Electro Therapy 1Balance Training 1Rehabilitation

Inpatient Department:

Physiotherapy  is given to post operative patients of following departments:
1General Medicine 1General Surgery 1Orthopaedics 1Neurology 1Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1Paediatrics 1Burns 1Rheumatology.
The services include:

1Postural drainage 1Breathing Exercise 1Chest Physiotherapy 1Intensive care therapy 1Antenatal care

1Postnatal care 1Gait Training 1Mat Activities 1Coordination Exercise 1Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Facilities available:

1Short wave diathermy 1Inter ferential Terapy 1Ultrasound Terapy 1Wax Therapy

1TENS (Tanscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) 1Electrical Stimulation 1IRR Lamp.

Fitness Centre:

We have a well equipped fitness centre matching International Standards manned by experienced Trainers, Physical therapists and Dietitian. Clients have a choice in maintaining a state of ideal health, a more balanced life, a control over the ageing process and above all, the experience of greater energy and better performance.

We run the following programmes:

1Weight Reduction Programme 1Back Rehab Programme 1Knee Rehab Programme.