Community Health

C.S.I. Kalyani Multispeciality Hospital remains true to the fact that Kalyani Hospital was first established for the poor women and children. Having achieved a status of Multispeciality Hospital after a glorious service of one hundred years of healing ministry, with real zeal of missionary spirit initially started medical outreach programmes in 40 remote rural villages about 80 km away from the main base hospital.

Having the main Health Centre in Chengelpet, our out-reach medical team visits the clinics and provide necessary medical assistance; care and treatment to the poor and needy in the villages. There are 7 villages including chengelpet with the population of nearly 27,000 people and about 7000 people have been benefited through the 7 clinics in the following places:

Kayar , Manampathy,Kunnawalkam,Maeyur , Valarkundram , Melrosapuram , Chengelpet .

Major surgical procedures are undertaken by a team of dedicated surgical specialists and a band of well qualified anesthesiologists. Emergency anesthesia services are available at all hours of the day and night for surgery and resuscitation. A resident anesthetist is stationed in the campus to meet the needs without delay.

Our out reach programme services are as follows:

  1. Clinical Services:All necessary clinical services for common diseases would be done at the community clinics.
  1. Ante-Natal Care: The Ante-natal mothers are being given routine lab investigations and preventive aspects like Tetanus etc.,
  1. Delivery: Since the administering childbirth is too expensive for the villagers it is proposed that the community clinic will respond to the need and administer delivery to poor pregnant ladies at affordable cost.
  1. Camps: Considering the non availability of medical care the rural community clinics will continue to undertake camps to provide immunization and general health comps.  This would encourage the poor community to be benefited periodically.
  1. Cataract Screening: Cataract is very common among Indians especially among the villagers.  There are many people who loose their sight not knowing that they have developed cataract and ignoring it for reasonably longer time.  The rural community clinics have been conducting cataract screening and once it is diagnosed the patient is shifted to base hospital Kalyani and operated with IOL.  IT is proposed that this service would be continued with more intensity and coverage.
  1. School Health Programmes: School children are periodically screened for primary complex and other general health aspects.  The screening is done once year in all the schools falling within the geographical area of the 7 villages.  It is proposed that this would be continued and the frequency would be increased.
  1. HIV/AIDS Programme: Conducting health awareness programmes in the villages will be one of the major programme components of the rural clinics.  India still continues to be one of the high prevalent countries and therefore the need for such programmes is prominent.  Experts on the issues pertaining to HIV/ AIDS would be periodically brought to the clinic villages and awareness would be provided using different methodologies such as seminars, literature and group campaigns.

The following services are provided in the health centers:

    • Vaccine
    • Hep B-DPT-OPV-TT
    • School Health programme
    • Health check up
    • Dental check up
    • Deworm awareness, HIV/AIDS,STI
    • ANC-urine albumin and sugar
    • Hypertension clinic
    • Diabetic Care
    • Eye Camp
    • Delivery
    • General check up

The health team of these centres also visits schools in the villages to ensure every child is covered by the health check up.


  • To provide low cost health care
  • To promote Health Seeking behaviour of the people who can not afford expensive Medicare
  • To encourage people to participate in the prevention programme such as HIV/ AIDS by creating sound knowledge on the epidemic
  • To provide medical assistance on a 24 hours basis at the village level
  • To provide maternal and child care
  • To educate children on health issues


           C.S.I. Kalyani Hospital is keen to fulfill the objectives of health services and systems to reach all the people, all the time at the best level of care the country can afford.